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Ottogi Yeol Tteokbokki Ramen Rose Flavor 196g

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aus Korea

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Expiration date: October 9, 2023


Cotton/wheat flour (wheat: American, Australian), modified starch 1, palm oil (Malaysian), potato starch, other processed edible oils and fats, gluten, oat dietary fiber, egg shell powder, yeast extract, noodle additive alkali agent (acidity regulator), B Vitamin B2, green tea flavored oil
Soup/pro cream [starch syrup, hydrogenated coconut oil [refined processed oil (foreign: Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, etc.)},
Whey powder (foreign: Chile, Finland, USA, etc.), processed butter, lactose], Taeyangcho red pepper paste {rice (foreign), starch syrup, red pepper seasoning (China), bay salt, Taeyangcho red pepper powder, sugar, butter cheddar mixed powder, oligosaccharide, Modified starch, purified water, Tteokbokki Imat seasoning powder No. 1, glucose, anchovy extract, refined salt, ham taste base powder, thick yeast powder, rich umami powder, complex rice flour, anchovy broth powder, raisin paste, roasted onion powder, sausage flavor seasoning powder, new cream whole wheat flour, garlic, gochujang seasoning sauce, fortifying nutrient 1, fortifying nutrient 2, curry flavor powder, fresh cream powder, chili extract, flavor enhancer 1, processed cheese, parsley flakes, cheese flavor powder, vegetable oil, pepper powder , Flavor enhancer 2
*Tteokbokki rice cake: rice flour (foreign) 99%, refined salt, alcohol
Contains 1 wheat, soybean, milk, egg, pork, squid, shellfish (including oysters and mussels)

Nährwerte pro 191 g
Energie 650 Kcal
Fett 12 g
davon gesättigte Fettsäuren 6 g
Kohlenhydrate 122 g
davon Zucker 15 g
Eiweiß 13 g
Natrium 1,470 mg

Popeye GmbH : Nürnbergerstr.16-18, 40599 Düsseldorf


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