Surasang Kimchi is clean and safe

Dear Dawayo customers.


Recently, information about Korean Kimchi made in China that is being manufactured in an unsanitary environment has become known through social media and news reports.

Since Surasang Kimchi, which is loved by many on our website, is also made in China, so many customers gave us inquiries regarding quality.

This product is manufactured through strict quality control in a factory directly managed by a company called “Samjin Global Net”, which specializes in exporting Korean food.

We would like to say that you do not have to worry about the hygiene issues of manufacturing facilities and poor quality of raw materials, such as those in the news.


In addition, we will consult with importers/distributors for all imported products, as well as Surasang Kimchi, so that thorough quality control can be achieved.


Lastly, we will upload a brochure on the quality of kimchi officially provided by Samjin Global Net.

Thank you.