Shipping Policy Change Notice ( Price Cuts )

Hello online customers: D

For your convenience and good shopping, we will change our delivery policy from 00:00 on March 20, 2020. We have provided various benefits such as reduced shipping cost + support for express shipping, so we hope you enjoy shopping!

[ Shipping policy change ]

1. In the future, Dawayo’s first shipping partner will be UPS and the second partner will be DPD. However, if you have a problem with a specific shipping company in your area, we will ship it via DHL if you specifically request.

2. UPS, DPD standard shipping fee is reduced from 5,3 euros to 4,5 euros. ( * From April 11, 2020, the standard shipping fee will increase to 5 euros )

3. DPD Express will be abolished, and UPS Express Saver will be added (delivery next business day after shipment) Shipping charges will be reduced from 9,7 euros to 9,5 euros.

4. If you order more than 50 euros, shipping cost support is applied, so the UPS Express Saver shipping fee is 5 euros.

5. If you order more than 200 euros, the standard shipping fee is completely free ( Express delivery is the same for 5 euros )

[ Add shipping service ]

1. If you order by regular delivery and request Express delivery, you can easily pay additional shipping fees in the future.

2. Currently, if you order refrigerated / frozen products, two ice packs are packaged together. In the future, if you pay 1 euro additionally, you can request 2 more ice packs.

 * Note: Due to the Corona Virus Incident (COVID-19), UPS Express Saver’s delivery deadline may not be guaranteed. Please understand that part.