[Must Read!] Information about the corona virus incident

* All customers are advised to read these instructions *


[ Precautions when visiting Dawayo Mart in Dusseldorf ]

1. Please wear “mask” to keep other customers and Dawayo employees healthy and to keep the product clean

2. Keep a distance of at least 1,5m from the checkout counter

3. Use a “contact less” payment method such as a card rather than cash

4. If you tell the staff what you need or write it on paper, we will take it out directly

5. Please follow basic hygiene regulations thoroughly, such as washing your hands, using hand sanitizers, and covering your mouth when coughing


[ Precautions when ordering online at Dawayo Shopping Mall ]

We are updating our online policies on a daily basis, checking state and federal recommendations, and delivery policies for each carrier, but we can’t predict what will happen after the product is shipped because the situation is changing rapidly. , It is difficult to compensate for bad results. Therefore, please consider the various circumstances sufficiently before confirming the order

1. It is impossible to know the exact date of packing and shipping due to the heavy order volume. In addition, delivery may be delayed depending on the circumstances of the shipping company by region. We are unable to answer your questions about packing and shipping dates

2. Corona virus (COVID-19) has caused orders to run out of order five times or more. We are working on the packaging / delivery as soon as possible, but there may be a delay of delivery up to 6-7 days

3. In the current situation, telephone consultation is not possible (especially, delivery date inquiry-deposit confirmation-inventory inquiry, etc.) If you use other consultation windows such as Facebook / KakaoTalk / E-mail, we will respond as soon as possible

4. Currently, borders with most countries are under control. Delivery to Austria / Italy / France / Spain / Czech Republic is suspended. Delivery to Denmark / Lithuania / Poland / Estonia / Latvia is possible but delayed

5. Claims cannot be accepted even if there is a problem with product quality due to delivery delays. If you order refrigerated / frozen products, please order additional ice packs, and use the UPS Express Saver as much as possible (Express delivery support fee of 4,5 euros applies when ordering more than 50 euros)

6. It is difficult to secure inventory because the product supply is delayed. Somehow, we are trying to match the quantity of the product you ordered, but if it is not possible to secure it, we can replace it with a similar item or refund the point after shipment.
Ex) Choco Pie-Mon shell / Sun salt-Flower salt / Dried radish-Spicy pickles / Shin Ramyun-Jin Ramyun, etc.


[ P.s ]

For customers who are struggling with the corona virus crisis, we are working hard to help out anyway. As we strive to deliver safe products, we would be grateful if customers would help us to keep our employees healthy and product clean.