[Must Read!] Final notice of changes to the delivery policy

[1-1. Dawayo’s Product Shipping Procedures]

A. Receive order information – B. Confirm payment – C. Print packing list – D. Pack in order – E. Same day delivery to carrier

In order to maintain the quality of our products, in principle, same-day packaging / same-day shipment are required. If your order status is “Processing” and you haven’t received an email with a courier tracking code yet, you can think of it as processing the order from the previous order. Our delivery system automatically sends an email to the customer at the moment when a label is pulled out for delivery. So if you haven’t received the email, please wait


[1-2. Why is the shipment delayed? ]

There are many reasons, but the First is delayed packaging and shipping due to runaway orders. Currently, there is a delay of up to 6 ~ 7 days due to the corona incident ( eg – product packaging and shipping of March 22nd and 23rd on March 26th = delay of about 4 days ) Second, You have ordered a frozen product, but you choose regular delivery rather than express. In this case, the package will not be packed on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, so the work will be delayed until next week ( only dry product orders or express orders will be packed and shipped on Thursday and Friday )


[1-3. I want to get a package soon! Is there any way? ]

Although the shipment is delayed, there is a way to receive the pakcage as soon as possible. Firstyou can use an online payment system such as SEPA, Sofort, Giropay, credit card, Paypal, not direct account transfer. Payments via direct bank transfer are currently delayed by at least 10 days due to the Dusseldorf Sparkasse system issue. Second – When ordering refrigerated / frozen products ( eg – kimchi, tofu, dumplings, meat, side dishes, etc. ), use UPS Express whenever possible. Not only is the shipment faster, but the logistics HUB processing speed is also faster


[1-4. Frequently Asked Questions / Is there any other option than UPS? ]

We have designated UPS as the default carrier due to claims such as damage to the package, omission of delivery, or rejection of delivery. However, we can also ship via DPD or DHL if you wish. However, we do not take any responsibility for any problems caused by damage, deterioration, omission of delivery, or refusal of delivery by courier sent via DPD or DHL. If you wish to ship DPD or DHL, please contact our online representative ( via email, Facebook messenger, KakaoTalk, etc. * Non-German delivery is excluded


[1-5. Frequently Asked Questions / How do points work? ]

First of all, you need to register as a member to earn points. And when purchasing, 1 point is earned for each euro, and when used, 100 points is 2 euros (50 points, 1 euro). Since we are accumulating 2% of the current purchase amount, 100 points are earned when purchasing 100 euros = 2 euros (2% of 100 euros)


[1-6. Frequently Asked Questions / Why is there a shipping charge when I paid more than 50 euros? ]

If you have ordered more than 50 euros and you still receive a shipping fee, please make sure you have not ordered something too heavy or bulky. When we ship the product, we pack each box with 28kg (approximately 488 x 330 x 342 mm). If the weight or volume of the product exceeds the standard, it should be divided into 2 to 3 boxes to deliver. The first box is free of charge / the second box is charged. Ex) 30 bags of 60 euro snacks – shipping charges due to excess volume / ex) 15 bags of 150kg rice at 150 euros – shipping charges due to excess weight / ex) 100 euros 40kg order – 20kg (free shipping) + 20kg (charge shipping)



[2-1. Responsibility for issues arising from product delivery]

Until the package leaves our office, we can fully assist you and take responsibility for any problems that arise ( eg – Due to the change of address, there is a fee of 2 euros for canceling the label and picking up a new one, but we do not charge customers separately ) And, if the package can’t even start shipping and is damaged in the process of passing through the logistics HUB, we can also help you. However, from the moment the package enters the delivery truck, the package enters your responsibility. Due to lack of explanation, the delivery department could not find the house and returned / incorrectly contacted the delivery department / did not receive a notice from the delivery company / was waiting at home but could not contact the delivery department, and could not receive the delivery. Regardless, we cannot help


[2-2. Information related to the quality of refrigerated / frozen products]

When packaging refrigerated / frozen products, styrofoam boxes, dry ice, and ice packs are used together to maintain quality ( we use plenty of coolant as needed according to the hourly temperature table recommended by the styrofoam box manufacturer ) The delivery period is 2 ~ 3 days, and the quality of refrigerated / frozen products is maintained unless it is really hot summer exceeding 30 ~ 40 degrees. Also, as it adheres to the principle of same-day packaging-same-day shipment, it is difficult to accept claims for quality problems of refrigerated / frozen products ( eg – water droplets caused by slight thawing or frost on packaging due to dry ice ) By default, when ordering refrigerated / frozen products, express delivery options and additional orders of ice packs are “strongly recommended”


[2-3. Handling method for package return cases]

If the package is returned due to a customer’s error, not our error, a refund will be processed. At this time, the refund amount will vary depending on the situation. First of all, if the package is returned, it varies slightly depending on the delivery company, but on average, a fee of 10 euros is incurred ( Retoure fee ) Also, for customers’ health and safety, fresh / refrigerated / frozen products should be disposed of without being resent. Therefore, the refund fee and the prices of fresh / refrigerated / frozen products will be excluded when proceeding with a refund.


[2-4. Shipment of replacement products due to insufficient stock]

Currently, it is very difficult to secure products due to the loss of imports due to the corona incident. In this situation, in order to help you receive the product as quickly as possible, if any of the products you ordered is out of stock, it is replaced with a similar product. Basically, customers are notified by phone in advance, but most of them cannot be contacted, so after one or two attempts to make a call, we pack the replacement product and send it to you later by email. If you do not want to receive a replacement product – or if you have a product that you must receive somehow, please inform us in advance through the order note



[3-1. Important matters]

Since we do not ship directly, the situation may vary depending on the rules of each carrier and state-by-city policies. Therefore, we cannot compensate for any problems that arise after shipment. In other words, when you place an order, we will think that you have agreed to the fact that “You have carefully read the important points, will take all risks yourself, and will not ask us for any responsibility