Added Access Point shipping options ( What is UPS Access? )

Hello customers ????

For your convenient and affordable shopping, we adds UPS Access Point shipping options from 18:00 on May 29, 2020! Please read the notice for details.


[Reason for adding option]

Due to recent corona incidents, delivery has been delayed, or customers have been waiting at home, but the delivery department leaves without contact, so we have a lot of inquiries. In addition, many customers also expressed a lot of opinions, saying, “DHL or DPD can easily make a request to ship to parcel shop, but UPS is cumbersome to have to sign up for UPS My Choice.” So, we added an option so that the courier can be delivered directly to the UPS Access Point (Parcel Shop) when you place an order.



Please use the UPS Access Point Finder to find an Access Point (Parcel Shop) near your home and write the address on the delivery note. If you do not provide an Access Point address, we will randomly select a Parquet Shop nearest the shipping address and ship the product.



Considering your efforts / fitness to go to the courier directly to the Access Point, the Access Point shipping option is discounted by 1 Euro.



Once sent to the Access Point, it is not possible to send it back to another address. In particular, please understand that we cannot accept requests to ship items at the Access Point back to your home address or requests to refund the products at the Access Point. (Items at the Access Point will be returned automatically if you do not visit them within one week./ In that case, the refund will be 10 Euro and the amount of the discarded product will be excluded.)